Random and bored

I haven’t had much time for painting or gaming the last two weeks as my wife is in the hospital so my mind has been with her instead. It is slowly coming back now when she is started to feel a little bit better. I started my first batch of Landsknecht and I’m trying to get my giant presentable. I haven’t really painted anything of that size before, not counting tanks and it’s quite the challenge to be honest and I don’t really know where to start. The parts I’m done with looks OK but not as good as I was hoping for but it will definitely work on the gaming table.

Next week I will be painting up some Zeds for a friend in the club for what I assume is to his ATZ setup. Zombies are always fun to paint so it will probably work out fine.

After to much time spend looking online for new exciting games I ended up over at Crooked Dice, which isn’t a new company, I have drooled over their miniatures for quite some time but I haven’t really looked into their 7TV rules before and they sound like a very cool concept so I’m considering ordering the rulebook and some of their miniatures and put together a secret agent/Dr Who game but I’ll have to try not to jump into it and only get it half done before I found something else.