Paper props are done

The paper props are done. I’m actually really happy with how they turned out and I hope they will work out well at the actual game I’m hosting. I got some great advice over at LAF about what more to include in the prop set so I have some dog tags on the way and I bought some medals to give out to some of the players. There’s a small problem with them though. First of I didn’t really check how big they were before I ordered them and they were bigger then I thought and they have a blank area roughly 50mm in diameter and I have no idea what to put there to make it look better.

Here’s some photos of the British prop set:

  • G Smith

    Nice stuff, Nils!  Got the link from Lead-A…  Maybe you could create a homemade stamp and then just use that to fill the space :). Do a search for ‘classified stams’-might give you some ideas

  • That’s a very good idea and something I hadn’t considered at all. Thanks!