Santa is coming to eat your brain!

So I’ve spend the day messing around with the blog. I deleted the gallery, because it wasn’t very good and I put up a new one that should work better and look better.  You can find the links to the miniature and terrain sections up in the right corner. There’s still a lot of photos missing but they should come up soon, I hope.

I haven’t done much painting but I finished most of the Zeds that I’ve been painting for a friend. One Santa set and one Halloween set plus some extras. The only one i have left to finish is a Elvis zombie. I’ve also started the next spear-men unit for my Empire army and they are coming along quite well. The last thing I’ve done was to finish of the big gorilla/monster for the SoTR game. I’ll have a photo up of it by tomorrow.

While I was painting the other day I finally got fed up with the selection of brushes I use. I have a quite eclectic collection that includes everything from cheap crappy kids brushes to GW and Army Painter brushes to W&N7 brushes. The ones I like the best is (not a big surprise) the W&N7 but I’m also a bit intimidating to actually use them very often. I did some research online and found two candidates, Rosemary & Co and Raphael. Both of the brands have gotten very good reviews and they both seem to have very good valued brushes of excellent quality. In the end I went with Rosemary & Co. Why? The slightly better price, they seemed to come out the winner according to the reviews I found and last, their big selection, meaning that my wife could get some new brushes for her (paintings, not miniature) painting.