Boardgames day

One of our long distance members came down a bit earlier for Christmas this year so we played some board games today. Some of our members had received some new ones that we tried.

First we tried the Walking Dead Boardgame. We’ve talked about ordering it before as we are big fans of the comic and the tv-show but we were a bit put down by the somewhat cold reviews. The biggest drawback were that the game didn’t have much strategy to it, that it was all based on pure luck. We played the game twice, once in the normal mode and once with half the players starting as zombies. The first game went fast and quite easily and we won quite big. The second game was the complete opposite as the human players just couldn’t roll their dice. That in combination with crappy cards made them lose quite badly.

The game was quite fun. Not something I would have ordered myself but I’ll play it again. The drawbacks listed in the reviews were quite correct in that it is completely based on luck and didn’t have much strategy to it.

The second game we tried out was the quite new card game, Blood Bowl Team Manager. I have to admit that when the game was first announced I thought that it sounded really, really boring. I can happily admit that I was completely wrong. While we didn’t know the rules very well it was a blast. I never thought that a team manager card game could be so much fun. It had really managed to capture the feel of Blood Bowl and I can recommend it to everyone looking for a semi quick filler gamer. If you happen to be a fan of Blood Bowl, either the boardgame and/or the computer game, then you really should look it up.


Links to the game:

Walking Dead

Blood Bowl