2011 What Happened?

Now when the end of the year is coming closer I started looking through my photo folder to see what I’ve actually done, hobby related and what projects I’ve completed. Apparently I’ve started more projects then I thought and while I have finished some of them but not as many as I hoped for.. as usual.

2011 The year of too many projects

Uncharted Seas

The first project of the year wasn’t really a success. It was a Uncharted Seas fleet which I think I’ve used once as I really don’t get along with rules Spartan makes. I don’t need more games that comes down to rolling huge amount of dice and has very little tactics. I doubt the fleet will ever get used again.

Space Wolves

Sometime after that I decided that I needed yet another 40k army, this time the Space Wolves. I’ve never had a MEQ army before so it was quite fun to build and play. I don’t play that much 40k anymore so they don’t get used that much.


Then I finally managed to convince some members of the club to start a (semi) historical game in Secrets of the Third Reich and now I have two more or less finished armies for it. One British Homeguard army and one Soviet army. We didn’t have much terrain to use for it so I made some buildings and general terrain. It was the first time in my many years as a wargamer that I tried to make my own terrain.


After all that I somehow got talked into starting Warhammer Fantasy and I got a hold of half a Beastmen army that I fixed up a bit and have expanded it a bit but I still need some work. When that project started to slow down I realized that I had definitely been bitten by the Fantasy bug and decided to get another army that I could build up from the start by myself. After doing some research I thought that I was starting a Lizardmen army but then I found all the nice Landsknecht miniatures that Artizan makes so I went with a Empire army that is still under development.

Mini Projects

Those were the bigger projects but I had some smaller ones as well. I started painting some Zombies for a friend and his ATZ setup that we use in the club and I took the opportunity to paint some Zombies for me as well.
My favorite mini project this far was the small number of Doctor Who miniatures that I got and is planned to be a bigger project in the future. And somehow I managed to repaint my old Halfling Blood Bowl team.


So what projects do I have planned for the coming year? First off I’m going to try my best to finish the projects started this year.

Doctor Who?

The main project for the beginning of the year will most likely be Doctor Who, both miniatures and a 4’x4′ table to go with it. I’ve started the planing for it but I haven’t decided what Doctor and what time to base it off.


This is a project I wanted to start this year but I didn’t have the time for it so it gets pushed back to next year. I do have some miniatures for it but it’s a long way to go. The main problem I’ve had with it is what rules to use. Right now I’m thinking Black Power with some extra rules or something super simple like FUBAR.

Merry Christmas everyone!