Another go with DW

Today I played in a multi player Dystopian Wars game down at the club. I’ve tried it two times before (I think) and, well I’m not a big fan of Spartan Game’s game mechanics that they use in all their games. I think the biggest flaw for me is the exploding D6s, I really don’t like that mechanic, in any game. It just takes away a lot of the strategic element an makes it almost completely based on dumb luck. While I don’t like the rules I still had a good time playing it with my friends. The game has one big advantage, the models. All the models I’ve seen has incredible details and the casting seems to be very good as well. So I am a bit tempted to buy a fleet mostly to paint, but there’s other projects to finish before that.

I think that I’ve been able to choose the rules for my VSF project, When the Navy Walked. I bought the PDF and the rules seem to be quite interesting. I really like the command point system, it forces some more strategy into the game and you must prioritize what units to use every round.

On another note, I finally managed to sell most of my semi old 40k Chaos which was only collecting dust and I got a pretty good price for them so I’m very happy with it. I’m also going to try (again) to sell my Sisters of Battle army as I doubt it will ever see any use in a long time.

Just to be very (not) original I’m going to keep track on how many miniatures I buy and how many I paint and try harder to paint more then I buy. Which I doubt will happen ;).

So what’s on the table at the moment? I still have quite a lot of War of the Roses Billmen to finish off for my Empire army. I have some more Zeds to paint for a friend and two half-done Bren Carriers for my SoTR Brits.