Zombie Rally

Things have been slow here this last week and I haven’t been able to get very much painted. Right now I’m working the rest of the 32 Billmen I still have unpainted. I’m also trying to find the motivation to finish the last two Zeds for my friend but it’s going slowly.

The other day I was browsing through my big folder of gaming on my computer and saw that I had a game called Zombie Rally that got bought quite a wile ago. After reading the one page rules I dug out some Zombie miniatures I had and am now planing on making a track for it just as a small and fun filler/convention game. The rules as pretty straight forward and easy to pick up. The game can be found over at the Wargame Vault for $2,

In the club we are now discussing the plans for the year and we are going to do our best to write down our modified and self made games which would be fun to have saved away. First up will probably be the Zombie game we play which started out as ATZ but has now grown into it’s own game more or less. Besides that we’re going to put some work into SoTR and try to update the rules a bit.

I’m waiting for some more loot to arrive now after the holidays, too many sales not to buy stuff. One box of Perry’s Zouaves for my VSF project and some Celtic druids for my Empire army. So I’m now up to 60 miniatures bought and none painted, good start 🙂

On another note, I’m trying to offload my old Sisters of Battle army to make some space and get some money for other projects. They can be found over at the LAF,

It’s also time for the 2011 Tabletop Gaming News Reader’s Choice Awards, which is always very interesting to see all the cool stuff you’ve missed over the year. It’s also often a quite expensive period as you see all the good stuff you’ve missed the last year 🙂 So head over to TGN and nominate your favorite miniatures/rules etc,