Today I got my box of Warlord Parliament Cavalry from their Pike & Shotte range. I didn’t have very high expectations off them after reading some review of them but after assembling them, which was very easy, I don’t really have much to complain about. The only downside with them was that there were some mold lines and flash but not any huge amounts. The kit comes with some extra bits on the sprues but there could definitely have been more.

When I ordered them I took the opportunity to finally order some of Vallejo Air’s metallic paints. I’ve read on several places how good they are supposed to be great and some of GW’s Liquid Greenstuff to try out.
I also managed to paint a little bit. Nothing much worth showing yet but I’m slowly going through my pile of Billmen. In addition to the Billmen I finished the 6 Zombies for Zombie Rally.

It seems like the world of 40k is literary exploding over the leaked 6ed rules. I’ve read a bit from the files and the reactions on blogs and forums. I am somewhat skeptical about the whole deal. The changes seems almost too big for being GW. But then they have done it before. Even if I’m skeptical I still hope that this is really. Most of the changes I’ve read about seem to be pretty good and add some more complexity to the game again.