Finally done

That’s it, I’m officially done with my Billmen, for now at least. I might go over some details again at a later date. Painting 50 of the same type was really, really boring to be honest. I’m not sure how people manage to stay sane while doing it for multiple units. I think I’ll focus on smaller units in the future. With this unit done I’ve got two 30 men units of pikemen, one 50 men unit of billmen, one 10 man unit of archers, one cannon and one mortar. I still have quite a lot of stuff to finish, around 20 more archers, a bunch of characters that should show up with the mail tomorrow, another mortar, two of the weird artillery units from GW’s Empire range, one War Altar and 12 cavalry.

So I’ve got a lot of work left but this made a nice big dent in the pile. I just realized that I had forgotten about banners for the different units. I’ve never been good at making banners, doesn’t matter what technique or material I use. The best result I’ve actually got from using paper but I’m going to investigate buying pre-made War of the Roses/Landsknecht flags.