Flags, LPL and 40k

These last days have been spend trying to make flags. I hate making flags. I haven’t really tried to make flags before and apparently I’m not very good at it. I’ve tried a bunch of techniques and materials and the only ones that have turned out ok was made from gray stuff. The biggest flaw this far is that I don’t seem to be able to get the putty as smooth as I want it to be. I still have one version left to try and that is using the metal tubes that tomato puree comes in. It seems to be the best material according to the wisdom of the internet. I guess I have to eat some spagetti bolognese so I can steal the tube.

Good news, it’s almost time for this years edition of Lead Painters’ League over at the LAF forum. It’s the 6th time around for this competition. I wont be entering myself but I can highly recommend everyone to follow the competition as the quality of the entries is usually very good and you get to see some kick ass painting. There are some new rules for this season, so if you are interested head over to and check it out. You can also view the previous seasons there.

We have been talking, in the club that is, about setting up a new 40k campaign which would be fun and a good way to get the game rolling again. We haven’t finalized anything yet but I assume it’s going to be a map campaign. I’ve started to think about what army to field for it and right now I’m thinking either Space Wolves or Daemons. At the moment I think it will be Daemons as I find them a bit more fun to play then the Wolves. The only downside with the Daemons would be that I kinda need to get some more miniatures for them, specially a couple of Tzeentch Princes and I would like a couple of Chariot Heralds but I don’t really know how to make them look enough 40k and not just fantasy. I managed to dig up an old Daemon Prince project using one of the old C’tan models, the half flying one (never learned their names) and I have the other C’tan model as well so I’ll see if I can do something with them.