Dystopian Wars

So I finally succumbed to giving Spartan Games another go, this time around Dystopian Wars and the Antarctican fleet. I ordered a starter box and some flyers, destroyers and the deck of cards. I also got some Perry French Heavy Napoleonic Cavalry to use in my VSF project. Which leaves me with 38 new miniatures to add to the list.

There hasn’t been much painting unfortunately, only the two Daemon Princes and one homemade Chariot of Tzeentch.

The campaign planning is coming along and we plan to finalize the rules and map this coming sunday so we can start playing next week. We’re adding rules for making our own named characters which will be fun and I’m debating if I should make an Herald or a Greater Daemon. The Herald would probably be more powerful but a Great Daemon fits the Daemon army better I think. I might be overlooking making a named character from some of the other units in the codex a bit. If I go with that I think it would be another Horror.