Covenant of Antarctica, a quick look

I got my first order of Dystopian Wars today, one start box and one pack of Icarus flyers. First of I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Spartan Games, rule wise that is but I have still enjoyed the game when I tried it. So how are their models? Well I haven’t bought any miniatures from Spartan since the launch of Uncharted Seas (which in my opinion were pretty mediocre) and I can honestly say that they have improved, very much so. The details are great and wile having more flash then I expected they never interfered with the models details.

As for the rules, you get a small booklet with the special rules, and there’s quite a few new rules just for the Antarcticans and after reading it two or three times I think they will be fin to play as they have some nifty mechanics and equipment. Instead of using the unit cards that the models come with I found a great resource on Spartan’s forum. They also contain more information on just one side and that, for people like me that just can’t remember all the small rules and keywords, this is a great help.

Overall I’m quite impressed with how much better Spartan has become at making detailed miniatures and I’m looking forward to trying them out and trying to paint them.