TGN Readers Choic’e Awards – Result

The 2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards results are up! There were some very nice entries this year I think and I agree with most of the winners this year and I’m happy to see that my top pick of the year won, the Kingdom Death Flower Knight.


Here is the full list:

Sci-fi Miniature
Winner: Corvus Belli Reverend Custodiers
Runner-up: Soda Pop Miniatures One Shot

Fantasy Miniature
Winner: Kingdom Death Flower Knight
Runner-up:Raging Heroes Manticore

Alternative Adventure Miniature
Winner:Guild of Harmony Steampunk Tinkerbelle
Runner-up: Studio McVey Ruby

Historical Miniature
Winner:Perry Miniatures British Hussars
Runner-up:Tercio Creativo Mochilero

Winner:Antenocitis Workshop Nova-Rus “Bear” 4×4 Jeep
Runner-up:Khurasan Miniatures Mekanoid Dictator

Winner:TableTop World Merchants House
Runner-up:Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartment

Winner:Gruntz Gruntz 15mm
Runner-up:Soda Pop Miniatures Super Dungeon Explore


There is a thread about it on DakkaDakka with pictures of the list for easy browsing.