Covenant of Antarctica Tiny Flyers and more

The Dystopian Wars painting continues, this time with the 10 tiny flyer bases you get in the box. I’m also working on the bombers and some other flyers that should be done soon.

This Saturday I joined in on a RPG campaign that was starting up in the club. The game was “Drakar & Demoner’” translated to Dragons & Demons, a swedish RPG and the campaign is called “Snösaga” (Snow Saga/Story). It was a lot of fun and the group worked out quite well and we ended up playing for around 12h. The character I’m playing is a human, male priest, basically a healer which I’ve never played before.

Yesterday we finalized the rules for the 40k campaign and the campaign has officially started. I did end up using my Daemons for it. It seems like we will be six players, me with Daemons, one Ork, , one Marine and two Guard players.

And today I got a highly anticipated package from Ironclad Miniatures containing one steam tank that will be used both in my VSF project (I should come up with a better name for it) and Warhammer in my Empire army. The quality of the kit was very high, almost perfect casting without air bubbles (well there where some on the under side but not any were it would actually do any harm). I’ll definitely buy some more tanks from them in the future.