Covenant of Anterctica Large Flyer & Destroyers

My last bunch of Dystopian ships came today. One Daedalus flyer and two packs of Destroyers. The casting was as good this time and basically no work needed to get them on the painting table. The Daedalus was a impressive miniature, much much bigger then what I anticipated. Now I just want to get the Sky Fortress and see how big it is. I’ve started painting the new stuff and should have that done in a day or two (I hope at least) and then I’m planing to go over all the wooden parts on the ships and make it a bit lighter in color as they look a bit to dark right now.

I’ve booked the first game for the 40k campaign against Orks I believe at 1750pt. It’s not really my favorite army size but I think I have somewhat of an OK list. I’m using my 1500pt list with some mods and it’s there it gets hard. Do I go with more troops or a GD and in that case which GD to take. Right now I’m thinking Blood Thirster but we’ll see.