40k Campaign game #2 & DW Terrain

After looking for some inspiration for making terrain for Dystopian Wars I found a thread at LAF with some crazy terrain, it’s brilliant.

I also came across a newly started blog that definitely has some potential if you’re a fan of the undead in general.

Today I had the second 40k game in the Campaign against a Space Marine army. We decided to try out the Battle Mission book one more time at least and after a quick discussion we picked the All-Round Defence scenario with the Marine army as the defending army. This game went better then the last and it was bloody as hell. We played 1500 points and when the last turn ended I had a Bloodthirster with one remaining wound and my opponent had one Rhino without it’s Storm bolter and one Dreadnought without arms. It ended as a draw.

And the hero of the game was…