Covenant of Antarctica Destroyers & 40k

Destroyers are done and that was the last of my Dystopian pile for now. I need to get some games in with them before I get more as I don’t really know how they play yet. The Destroyers seem like a solid unit on paper and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

There’s big news for Space Wolves players (and Tyranid players) the second wave is coming soon and it contains some much anticipated box sets, mainly the Thunderwolves Cavalry. While the concept of them doesn’t really do anything for me I have to admit that they look pretty good and much better then I thought they would look like. I was expecting them to look more like the Canis Wolfborn miniature which I really don’t like. So I’ll most likely end up getting two boxes of them to beef up my small Space Wolves army.

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