It’s alive!

Finally the new parts for my computer arrived and it lives once again. So what’s happened while my computer was busy playing dead? Not that much. I played a 40k game in the campaign against a friend who is playing his new and shiny Dark Eldar. I can honestly say that it’s been quite some time since I lost a game as bad as that game. I got completely demolished and game up at round 5 as I was more or less tabled by then. It was quite a fun game even though the brutal nature of my loss and it was fun to finally get to play against the new DE Codex and it seems like a pretty good army and very fun to play.

I’ve got some painting done. I finished a general for my Empire army made by Crusader and I just finished two clown zombies from Tengu for my friends ATZ setup.

This weekend there’s a small local convention in a neighboring town and we’re going there with the ATZ setup as it was a big success last time so I’m heading over there on Saturday and I’m bringing my Dystopian fleet to try it out for the first time so it should be fun.

I also agreed to paint up a friends Dreadfleet set so I should have my hands full for quite some time.