Stuff and Dystopian failure

So this Saturday was spent at a small local convention in a neighboring town. I didn’t really have any plans for what to do there beside promote the club, help my friend setup ATZ and if we could find the time for it play a game of Dystopian Wars. We did not find the time for it unfortunately but I had a good time there, mostly spent talking to friends and the security people, which we usually do when there.

I did manage to find a open spot in a RPG scenario some friends were signed up for and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a Swedish game called Mutant which means… well Mutant 😉 It a remake of one of the first Swedish RPGs made back in the days and while I know quite a lot about the old one and the setting, I hadn’t tried the remake before.

The setting is somewhat like Fallout, with a lot of mutated humans, animals and old robots. It’s normally set after the surviving non-mutated humans has moved up to the surface but this scenario took place when the first group of human soldiers were woken from the deep sleep in their vault and tried to once again rise to the surface. All in all a very fun scenario, somewhat limited when it comes to moving around freely but still a lot of fun so now we are looking to start a small campaign in the near future and because of that I’ve been playing around a bit trying to make a fun character. Right now it’s between a human soldier and a mutated bunny vagabond.

Today I played my first Dystopian game with my Antarctica fleet, a small 500p game against the British Empire and once again I got destroyed. My dice was against me (a lot) and it being the first time I tried them really didn’t help me^^.