Dread Fleet WIPs

I’m almost done with the Heldenhammer and the Swordfysh, They are just missing a couple of washes and the masts(?) need some paint but it should be done tomorrow. I haven’t really haven’t had much time to paint anything else as I’m trying to get the Dreadfleet set done as fast as I can.

I’ve been looking around at the new Empire models and rules that just got released and I have to say that I like most of them. The rules seems pretty balanced with the other 8ed books and not as extreme as some of the old books can be sometimes. My favorite this far have to be the Demigryph Knights. I don’t care much about the riders but the mounts are really nice. I’m also very happy that the spear men seems to be a valid choice now. And people though that I was crazy to buy them. The only thing I’ve seen this far that seems a tad to bog of a nerf was the mortar. Yes it was way to powerful for it’s price but I think that lowering the S and raising the price was to much, one of them should have been enough. Over all I like the new book and I think that the army will be more fun to both play and play against now and I’m looking forward to trying it out.