Dreadfleet = Done.. I think

I just finished the last pieces for Dreadfleet, well as long as I haven’t missed anything. So it’s getting delivered tomorrow when I’m playing 40k against the owner of the game. We are playing a 1750pts game and I’ll be bringing my Space Wolves this time and I’m proxying in some big wolves to try them out before I order them.

With all the new Necrons coming out (and looking great), I’m tempted to flesh out the old Necron Raiders army I got handed down to me from an old friend who doesn’t play anymore. I’ve been browsing the Codex trying to get a feel of the army and it feels like a army that can be very fun to play with all their special rules and interesting units. Decisions, decisions… I did end up getting the box with them out and I’ll at least check them out and see if I can paint them up quickly with some rust effects.

Photos are kinda crappy, had to use my phone as my camera got left at the club.