Hectic Life

So this last week has been hectic. First two intense days of testing to see if I have Aspergers then my wife was home from the hospital over the weekend, which was very nice. So I haven’t had the chance to do much modeling but I did managed to put some more rust on a bunch of my Necrons which should be done quite soon so now I have to decide if I’m actually going to play them or just put them back in a box to collect dust. The new models are really tempting to get, I love the design style they decided on for them.

Yesterday we played another session of Dragons & Demons which was quite fun but damn I did not roll well. Lumbering over and over again to the point where I lost an arm and some fingers and my ears. The group is working out quite well but man we’re bad, not so much if you look at the stats but when it comes to rolling dice we just can’t do it. We had one death in the group and as everyone predicted it was our berserk warrior. I thought that I would die twice in the session but somehow managed to survive (not that I can actually be of any use right now). The more pathetic part is that we almost got our butts kicked to two armed non-warriors so I don’t even want to know how fast we’ll die when we’re facing “real competition”.