Necrons it is..

After much consideration I decided, with some help from my wife that I will build up a smallich Necron army which should be fun. So with that I put in a small order from Mealstrom, 2 Annihilation Barge kits and one box of Necron Lychguard / Triarch Praetorians to make some Cryptechs from. I’ve been going over my old Necrons and right now I have ~35 Warriors, 14 Immortals, a bunch of Overlords/Lords and 10 old Destroyers. Out of that lot I’ve done touch ups and based 20 Warriors and I’m in the process of basing the Immortals as we speak, just waiting for the glue to dry. For the bases I ended up with a winter theme, it’s working OK but it could use some more contrasting colors. The Necrons themselves are silver (original I know) with quite a lot of rust added to them so they kinda blend in with the snow, I guess I could always add some blood or something to make it “pop” a bit more. I’ll try to get some decent photos up tomorrow.

Today I got a fun package in the mail from China, the bits to make 20 Space Wolves Terminators. I must have spaced out when I ordered them because I did not order enough arms for them so I’m trying to convert some up. They wont have the most optimal setup but they should work OK I think (and hope) so I’m looking forward to trying them out in a ‘Logan Wing’ setup, It will have to be on foot though as I only have one Drop Pod at the moment.