The Lead Painters’ League Results

While I didn’t participate myself in the league I have followed it closely and this year had some truly great entries. The final results have been posted on their forum. If you haven’t done it already, I can highly recommend checking it out. Check out the linked thread to see who won this year:

I did finish another Necron (Over)Lord, this one is also a slightly converted Classic Lord model. Pretty happy with how both of them turned out.



After doing some more research online for the army and reading the Codex I realized that I need to get some more Scarab Swarms and considering that I’m mostly using the old metal miniatures the Scarabs are kinda hard to find, well cheap ones at least so I’ve started playing around with press molding some and it seems to be working OK but not as good as I was hoping for.

In other news I got talked in (not that it was very hard:) to join the committee for a local gaming convention. It should be fun and I do want to become more involved in things like that so I’m happy about it. We have also started planning our very small convention, it’s being held in the end of July.