Malifaux Reborn

So it seems like people in the club are starting playing some Malifaux again and I have maybe half a gang painted up that I bought just to paint so I ordered the last pieces I need to put together the Pandora starter box plus a Teddy that I already have. I also decided to rebase the ones I have for them to fit the theme a bit more and I really like the Orphanage base inserts that Wyrd sells so I tried to keep that theme. I have no idea if my gang is any good or not as I’ve only tried the game once and I’ve only browsed through the rulebook a couple of times. I’m not a huge fan of the rules but it’s kinda like Dystopian Wars for me, sub par rules but I still have fun playing it if that makes any sense. Plus they do have some very nice miniatures and thats how I ended up with the gang I have. Evil children with knifes and giant teddy bears, can’t really go wrong with that.




The Necrons are right now on a break while I wait for my new kits that I hope should start arriving next week. While I was at it I decided to try the mold clay thing Blu-Stuff that I’ve heard a lot of good things about and I hope it’s going to work well making my Scarabs and some other things I have planned. I was debating a bit with myself if I were to try it or to give the Instamold a go but the price was better for BS and I got a better impression of it watching their respective video tutorials.



I also (finally I might add) started reading the Warhammer Historical’s The Great War rules to see if I have any use for it. I bought it when they had a very good sale a while ago and this far it seems like a pretty solid set of rules.