Necrons and More

This Friday I received the first two parts of my order spree. I got my Blu-Stuff, the Malifaux miniatures, Malifaux Card Deck and my first Necron Catacomb Command Barge / Annihilation Barge kit.

I’ve played around some with the Blue-Stuff and after a couple of tries I managed to make a mold of a Scarab but as my order of Green-Stuff hasn’t arrived I haven’t had the chance of trying it out yet. The first impressions I got from it was that it had a much softer texture then thought it would and when dry it’s actually quite brittle. It’s quite easy to work with and doesn’t seem to stick to the materials I’ve used this far.

I’ve spend quite some time today building the Catacomb Command Barge / Annihilation Barge kit and I decided to make this one a Annihilation Barge. I have to say that while I don’t buy that much new GW kits I can with out a doubt see a big difference in quality since the last plastic kit I bought. This kit was fairly complex to put together and contained more parts then I was expecting. You could also tell that it was from a relatively new mold as there were hardly any flash.




I also finished the bases for my OOP Destroyers so they are done.




Now I just want Maelstrom to get their crap together and actually get the stuff I ordered and ship it to me. I’ve used them quite a lot the last three or so years and I have to say that their service has gotten worse which is a shame as they used to be very quick.