Dreadfleet and Necrons


This last weekend we had another walking around town checking so everyone is OK session and as usual it was a quiet weekend so it went well. Before we headed out on Friday I got the opportunity to try out Dreadfleet for the first time.

We started with the first part from the campaign with me playing the evil side. It was a pretty even battle but in the end I managed to secure a victory for the evil fleet. We ended up playing the second game as well and I did not end up winning that battle so it’s 1-1 right now and we’re going to play through the whole campaign when we have the time for it.

The rules were very simple and easy to get the hang of but still require some thought. We made some mistakes in the first battle but after that I think we had a good grip of the rules. Overall I think it’s a solid game and I’m looking forward to playing the rest of the campaign.

I managed to remember to take some photos of the rest of my Necrons that I’ve finished: