Blu-Stuff Mini Review

I’ve been playing around with Blu-Stuff the last couple of days trying to learn how to make the molds and it’s a bit tricky and it has a quite steep learning curve in my opinion. I’ve managed to make two molds of the OOP Necrons Scarabs and a book I got from somewhere. I started with the Scarab ones and with my third attempt I managed to make a mold that didn’t break. It required some cutting to remove some parts of the BS that had gotten under the model but that wasn’t a big deal and it’s more likely from my inexperience using BS.

While I was making my molds I didn’t have any Green or Grey Stuff at home so I couldn’t try them out then. Fast forward a couple of days and I now have a supply of Green Stuff to play around with.

I jumped right into trying out my BS molds and a mold made of Grey Stuff to compare results. The molds were quite easy to use, the putty didn’t stick to it at all and didn’t leave any residue on the BS. So after having it sit on my desk for 2-3 hours I removed the putty to check the results. Removing it was easy even without any release agent. The detail on the Scarabs were not as good as I was hoping for. There weren’t much difference between the BS molds and the GS molds. I think the problem is my inexperience and I plan to make a better mold to see if that helps.

In the end I made a good bunch of Scarabs and some other small bits and the results are improving and I’m going to try to make some bigger molds soon to see if they will work for that as well.

Here is how I would grade the product;

Easy to use: 8.
It really is as easy to use as their videos claim. Super easy to mix and it hardens in a couple of minutes.

Price/Amount: 7.
The price isn’t bad but could be better.

Details: 6 or 7.
As my problem were (I think) to my inexperience I would give it a 6 or 7 but it will probably be higher when I’ve learned how to use it better. From what I’ve seen online, a score of 8 or 9 would be more accurate after I learn how to use it well.

Value: 8.
With some experience I think that this product will be a big help to many gamers/modellers wishing to customize their projects.


I think that I’ll order a pack of InstaMold next time I’m getting some miniatures so I can compare the two products and see which works best for me.