Coat D’arms Super Shader Mini-Review


I’ve been playing around some with dipping (brushing it on) miniatures for quite some time now and I’ve used it for numerous smaller projects in both 6mm and 28mm scale and generally I’ve been pleased with the results. Sure it’s not a GD standard but for the time it takes it gives very good results.

So one day I found out about Super Shader from Coat D’arms that they were releasing. From what I could piece together it seemed like a acrylic product made to compete with the traditional wood stain used for dipping. This sounded very interesting and I decided to order a small pot of it and try it out.

Then I forgot about it and left it sitting in my paint box for a very long time until just the other day when I found it and decided to actually try it out this time before I forgot it again.

So why should I bother trying this out instead of just getting some wood stain (or the Army Painters dip) that I know works well and gives me a good result? Well the big selling point for me was that it’s acrylic which means that I can wash it out from my brushes and that it doesn’t stink up the whole apartment and that it should be cleaner to use as I always end up getting wood stain everywhere.

I found a white primed miniature I had around the desk and put some Super Shader on him and followed the very simple instructions on the pot, put it on and then go over it with the brush to remove the stain from the upper surface leaving the shading. I haven’t used dipping on a just primed model so I can’t compare it perfectly but the results were more then pleasing. It leaves a very nice and even shading and it was much easier to work with then wood stain.

Next up was three Malifaux Sorrows that I finished painting some days ago and was waiting for some washes to finish them. The wash did make them a bit darker (which was expected) and took the edge of some of the highlights (which was also expected)



All in all I’m happy with the product and while not a 100% substitute to wood stain it does gove a good result and it’s so much easier and cleaner to use. The only big downside compared to wood stain is the you don’t get the built in protection that you get from the wood stain. Will I continue to use it? Yes, Will I stop using wood stain? No but I can see this product taking it’s place in many cases.


Cthulhu approves!


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