6th Ed is on it’s way


It seems like the rumors were true, the next edition of 40k is coming soon. People have reported that stores has taken the 5th Ed book down from the shelves and that it’s no longer for sale on GW themselves hasn’t given any information about the upcoming release so I guess we can see it as a silent confirmation.

The rumors about the new edition are many and while I’m sure a lot of them wont be in the book, I’m also sure that many of them will. I’m not going to go through the rumors as more or less all 40k related blogs already did that and did it better then I would^^. But I have to say that I like most of the more serious ones and I’m looking forward to the new edition and while I really like the current rules I hope they will make some big changes both in the rules and the fluff.

I started playing 40k right before the switch from Rogue Trader to the 2nd edition so I’ve been playing it for a long time and while I think that they have taken some of the fun out of it, I think that te current edition is the best when you look at the rules. The best but not the most fun. The most fun I’ve had playing it was definitely 2nd edition with all the crazy units and rules they had back then. It didn’t really have much balance in it but man we had a lot of fun wit the crazyness. I still have all the books from back then and I rebuild my first army, Orks, with the models from RT and 2nd Ed. The miniatures they made back then had much more character to them and yea, maybe they weren’t as technically well sculpted as they are now, I would change back to that style in a heartbeat. I also miss a lot of the artwork they had back then with my favorite artist being John Blanche and while he’s still in the books, I wish they used him more then they do.


I have yet another 40k campaign game booked for this sunday against a kinda new IG player and I’ll be bringing my Daemons as usual, I mean one of these days I might actually win a game with them 😉



I just wanted to mention that Frontlinegamer has started to draw the winners for their competitions they have been running as a drive to get more followers. I didn’t win the first draw but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the next one. It’s also a very well written and interesting blog that I highly recommend everyone to check out.