On the Painting Table: Malifaux Pandora

Soon to be finished, Pandora from Malifaux’s Neverborn faction and the Master I’ll be using for my crew. I’m basically using the Pandora Starter Set plus Teddy (can’t say no to a giant killing teddy bear) this far but i I end up playing the game some more I might expand to some of the other Neverborn faction (Dreamer, I’m looking at you).

I’ve been reading up on the tactics for how she plays over at and I can highly recommend that wiki for anyone starting Malifaux, they for some good stuff there.

We in the club has started planing this years edition of SmallCon , our tiny convention. This far we have All Things Zombie and Dystopian Wars planned but we’ll add some more games, last year we had 5 games plus an open board games bar and a couple of tables for 40k and I think we’ll have more or less the same amount this year.

We managed to get some funding for the event so we have most things covered financially which is nice as we don’t charge anything for the event and offer free snacks and soda/coffee/tea. We are very lucky that we have the system here in Sweden so you can get funding even for small things like this and that we through that can have the event completely free.

I ordered some small reinforcements for Dystopian, one pack of Escorts, one of waterline Orbs and a Sky Fortress that should bulk up my force somewhat.