Frontline Gamer gives away Sedition Wars

“In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past few days you can’t have failed to notice the buzz around the hobby that the Sedition Wars Kickstarter campaign has generated. When I last checked it had just reached $131,000’s and smashed through five of it’s stretch targets and is homing in on it’s sixth target. There’s still 26 days to go, so if it gets picked up by the broader geek culture websites it could yet go supernova on us. So I guess you could say it’s doing OK. But, I’m going to plug the campaign any way, because I know the amount of work Rob Baxter and Mike McVey have put into it behind the scenes, having play tested it now for a fair few months. It’s a fun game with a strong tactical element and a convincing narrative story ark, cleverly woven into the games missions. So I think it’s a product worth backing and supporting, and even though I’ve been promised a free copy of the game I have nevertheless supported Studio McVey with a pledge (Biohazard level if you must know), because it’s a product I believe in.”