Happy Midsummer!

Today is one of Sweden’s biggest Holiday, Midsummer. Usually celebrated by consuming large amounts of potatoes, pickled herring, strawberries and even more herring and alcohol. As my wife just got back from the hospital again we stayed home and celebrated is home style with great, non-midsummer food.

This last Sunday I got to play my second Dystopian game with my fleet (CoA) and I got my ass handed to me up until I won, mostly by dumb luck and by accident. It was a fun game even if the dice hated me.

Speaking of dice, I made an order for some custom deice from Chessex and they’re going to look great, well the sample they made looked great at least. The logo will be a simplified Hello Cthulhu picture I found online. So with that my dice karma should be restored and they will love me for years to come. As for colors, I got half with some green/brown/marble look and the other half bright pink, all suitable for the Great Old One himself.