Dystopian Wars game 3


Yesterday I went down to the club to play another game of Dystopian Wars. We decided to increase the point level up to 800pts and we played a scenario from some scenario pack my friend found, I think they’re based on the missions from BFG. The scenario had me as the attacker getting tricked into an ambush more or less. It was a fun scenario and I came out as the winner by Victory Points.

It feels like I’m starting to get the play style of the Antarcticans a bit more now. They have some very nice tricks that can influence the game a lot (love the Orb) but they also have some pretty big weaknesses. The thing I struggle with the most is how to use our tiny flyers effectively, I never manage to do anything useful with them.



So, as everyone remotely interested in 40k already knows, the 6th edition is just around the corner and I have to say, I haven’t been this excited about a new 40k edition since.. well ever more or less. I’ve read the latest White Dwarf and the rumor threads on various forums and I really like what I’ve read this far. It feels like they are going back to the more fun (imo) 2nd edition but made it good instead of just crazy and fun. It’s like me and a friend usually say, 2nd edition were one of the worst rule sets GW has released but I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun as I did back then.

My favorite new part from the new rules right now, the allied system. I don’t really care that it will (most likely at least) be quite easy to abuse for some extreme combos but I’ll use it for more fun lists that will look and feel cool to play with (being a “beer and pretzel” player).

Well the book is pre-ordered and I really, really hope that it will arrive before this coming weekend and I’m looking forward to following the discussions after it’s released. You just have to filter out 96% of all the coming hate storm that always follows new rules. And most of all I’m looking forward to putting some more fun into 40k.