On the Painting Table

Right now I’m painting my second Necron Doom Scythe and after it’s done I’m taking a break from my Necrons to work on something else for a bit to get a break from the metallic paint.

This Sunday we had another session of the RPG campaign I play in. It didn’t go very well.. at all. The campaign if set more or less in constant winter and you have a chance getting frostbite and after a couple of fumbles I’ve lost in total: my ears, my nose, some fingers, some toes and both my arms.. yea I retired him when I lost my last arm. So now I’m trying out playing a thief for the first time ever I think and this far I like it.



So I got my copy of the new 40k rule book as well and I’ve started reading it and taking some notes about what has changed and there are a lot of changes. While I haven’t finished reading it yet, I really like most of the changes this far. There’s a couple that I think that they could have left out but they aren’t really bad just superflous or slows down the game. The book itself is very nice and very big with it’s 400+ pages, in full color and better layout then they usually have.

I’m hoping to get to try the new rules this upcoming weekend and play some more RPGs.