First 6th Ed Game

Me and a friend decided to try out the new rules today and after reading the book and forums a bit last night I decided to bring my Daemon army as they seemed fun to play under the new rules with my MCs being able to fly and all. We decided to go for a 1750pts game and my friend brought his Ork army and we got the first mission in the book, a normal objective based game with some of the new secondary objectives that they introduced in the new book.

The game went well, we probably made a lot of mistakes but I think we got most of the important rules right. The rules had a good flow to them and some of the things I thought would slow down the game a lot weren’t as bad as I predicted. I went with a MC heavy list with some added support from Horrors and Plague Bearers. The game was a lot of fun and bloody as hell. At the end of round 4 it looked like I would win but my friend managed to turn it around and by the end we didn’t have many units left on the table at all. He got the victory, 2-1 and neither of us had control of a singles objective marker. We only got points from the secondary objectives, we both had Line Breaker and my friend had First Blood.

It felt like the Daemons got a bit better with this edition. The added option of flying for our winged MCs was good but I think it will take some practice to learn how to use them the right way. The Horrors didn’t change much, I loved them in 5th ed and I love them in 6th ed. The Plague Bearers took some small hits with the changes to S&P (not being able to run), Fearless (no going to the ground) and Feel No Pain, although FNP did get better in some ways as well.

Overall I really like the new edition and I think we’ll have a lot of fun with it.