CrossCon Summer recap

This weekend was this years addition of a small gaming weekend in a neighboring town. It’s hosted by some friends of us so me and a couple of friends plus my sister went there to meet up and try out some new games. I got to try some new games that I’ve been looking forward to playing for quite some time now;

Rex: Final Days of an Empire

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

Give Me the Brain


The most played game was Poo that got played more or less a whole day, a fun little not very serious game. The game I had been wanting to try the most was Rex. I’ve been drooling over it since they announced it being set in the TI universe and all. The game was fun but I don’t think you get the full experience until you have played a game or two.

Both my and the wife have our birthdays coming up this week so we celebrated it this last Saturday with the family and I ended up with a talking plysh Dalek and a display case for my miniatures. Good stuff indeed.

Next weekend we are hosting our small gaming weekend which should be fun.