It’s Alive!

The dying computer has now been replaced with a new one. Got two big packages in the mail yesterday with all the parts and I spend a couple of sweaty and nervous hours trying to put it together without breaking it. Everything went fine and it was up and running late last night. As a pretty big computer geek I’m very excited about having a new computer. The old one has served me well but the new one blows it away when you look at it’s performance plus it’s so silent that you can’t really hear it. The only things I’ve got left to do is to move over my storage drives, right now I only have the system SSD in it. I’m glad that I decided to get a SSD from it, Windows is so much faster and all the loading times have more or less gone away. Now I just need to get some game to try out the video card a bit.

This last Sunday we met up for another session of our RPG campaign. It’s been a while since we last played so I was pretty excited. I can’t really say that things are going well for us but er are still hanging in there even though we only have two players thats still on their first characters. The rest of us has either died or joined the campaign after we started it.