40k Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard

So I met up with a friend at the club for a game of 40k. I had a more or less all terminator Space Wolves army to try out and he brought a tank heavy Guard list based on two Demolishers, two Lemon Russ tanks, two Bombardments (I think thats what they are called), some infantry and a Defense Line for them to hide behind. I had Logan, a Priest, two Lone Wolves, a small squad of Scouts and the rest filled with TDA Wolf Guards, one of them had a Drop Pod.

The first turn was pretty uneventful but after that it started to get bloody. Mostly on my side for the next two turns. After a couple of Demolisher rounds and focused Lasgun fire I only had one squad left, I think it had six or seven Terminators plus Logan and the Priest in it. By turn 3 I could finally charge his big infantry blob and on a turn 5 they have had enough and finally broke.

With that big close combat I somehow managed to steal the victory by 1 point. Good and fun game.