Mr Bile

I finished painting Fabius Bile today, one more from the pile of miniatures that I don’t really know why the heck I have. The lead piles are getting smaller here though as I haven’t bought any new ones in quite some time now. But I’m in a buying mood so that might change 🙂



I came across a very interesting piece of news (might be old to some) today, that Knight Models got the license from DC to make a Batman miniature game. This I have to get and I can’t wait to see what Knight Model comes up with, their miniatures are stunning so it should be good. Now I just want to find someone who makes Batman ’60s miniatures to make a retro gang 🙂

I did a small raid in our big closet to see what building projects I still have unfinished and found a full box of them so next mission, finish the damn buildings and make some more room. Speaking of making some room, I’m trying to unload some stuff over the LAF is anyone is interested, mostly SoB and some random stuff: