Going Pre-Heresy or Not?

So I got some more goodies from Forge World this week, one more pack of Mk 2 Marines, which makes it a full squad and one pack of Mk 4 Marines so with that, what I had at home and what’s on it’s way from Ebay I will have 3 full tactical squads so now the big question is; will this be the start of a Pre-Heresy army, the start of a Chaos army or just some more stuff for my Space Wolves and this is proving to be a difficult question and unfortunately I’m leaning towards a Pre-Heresy army that, if possible, will be able to double as a Chaos army when needed. So why is this bad? Well it’s mostly bad for my wallet lol, but it will be a slow going project or well I hope so :). Now I’m mostly waiting for my paint to arrive so I can start painting them.

I found a good blog for anyone interested in Pre-Heresy gaming, they have a good number of tacticas posted about the Heresy book from Forge World. Definitely a good read.

So whats next in line? Probably a Land Raider Proteus, more infantry and a Contemptor or two (going slow right?)

Also, Deep Wars looks better and better, right?