Planning the New Year

So another year has gone by and I’ve finished more miniatures then I expected a year ago but still not as many as I wanted. For myself I painted ~90 miniatures and purchased ~190 so sadly I added around 100 miniatures to the lead pile. Besides that I also painted probably around 120-140 miniatures for a friend so all in all a pretty productive year.

So what’s the plan for next year? Pretty much the same as always, buy less, paint more and most important, more playing the games. Besides that I hope to finish my Horus Heresy army and start some for of historical game, preferably WWII in pico scale and not to start any more 40k armies and sell parts of the lead pile that’s just gathering dust.

Oh and I almost forgot, I’m finally getting a Kickstarted account so I can back Beyond the Gates of Antares, Rick Priestley’s latest project that sounds really good and the rewards seem to be very balanced. I’m probably going in on their “Feeder” pledge level if I have the money for it. You get quite a lot of loot in it so it has some great value:

  • Hardback Rulebook
  • Digital rulebook (DRM free)
  • Hansa – Exclusive Kickstarter Figure
  • 40 x WarDrones
  • 500 Credit Custom Army (Custom Army Details below)
  • D10 Dice!
  • Game Markers

The thing I like the most with this project is that you don’t jut get fixed miniatures but a pool of points that you then use to select the different miniatures you want for your army.

GoA Website:
GoA Kickstarted:

I really hope that this project well get funded as their plans for the development of the game seem quite interesting plus I’m a long time fan of the games Rick has been part of. Then of course they have Kev from Hasselfree as one of the sculptors and with that you can hardly go wrong.

The annual mail from WordPress containing your blog’s stats over the last year arrived some hours ago and it was interesting and fun to see the number of visitors for my humble blog, they were quite a lot higher then I anticipated.

Happy New Year!