Here Comes the Apocalypse

Today we played a game of 40k Apocalypse down at the club, five players in total sharing 12000pts per side. On our side we had me with my Daemons with some added support from IG and two super heavies, one friend with his Dark Angels and a new player with some Tyranids. The other side consisted of a Space Marine player and one Guard player.

The game started out really well for my side and the other side never really recover from it and by the end of turn three they gave up as we would have won basically what ever would happen.

It was a good game though and for once I remembered to take some photos, forgot the real camera at home but I took some with my phone.

The best unit of the game must have been my Contemptor Dreadnought, somehow it managed to save more or less anything they shot at it and survived the game.

The worst unit of the game is also the Contemptor as it did not do a single wound or any damage to vehicles.