Move = Done

Finally, the move is done and we are once again online, that was a rough couple of weeks (internet addict?, me? Noo) and I got my nice new 3,6m long desk set up and the painting station is also up. Now I just need something to paint.

I did get my hands on the new Chaos Daemons Codex last week and has been reading it since then and I have to say that I’m both happy and a bit disappointed. I’m very happy that they now can be counted as a “real” army instead of a gimmick army and I like most of the design choices they made and even the new units seems good. The downside is still the randomness of the army and all the different tables to decide what you get. Plus I will never understand why they give a unit a new keyword that just gives them another keyword.

It will take some time getting used to the new roles of the old units and it’s going to be fun to try out some of the new ones. Now I just need to order me some.