Preparing for Blood Bowl

In a bit less then a month we’re having a small Blood Bowl tournament down at the club, organized by a friend and his small scale gaming store. It’s going to be a Resurrection tournament were you start with some extra skills and will “draft” more skills later on. The downside with that is that my poor Halflings doesn’t get access to anything besides Agility (well besides the Treemen) and will be quit limited. We are allowed one Star Player per team and I’m debating between Baconbreath and Deeproot. If i can get a hold of another Treeman miniature in time for the cup I’ll most likely choose him which would give me a pretty good starting line. I’ll be going through the Blood Bowl and LoTR collections that we have in the club to see if there’s anything usable.

The rooster I’m leaning towards right now is:



We’re starting with a bit more cash, 1,2 million.

The team as it stand now, besides the extra Treeman I need: