The Tiny Titan’s Reinforcement

The Tiny Titans received it’s final reinforcements today in form of Deeproot Strongbranch based on the LoTR Treebeard miniature so now the team will have a good line of scrimmage (good for being Halflings that is) and with the rules we’re going to be using we all get to choose 4 players that receives a normal skill upgrade I’m going to get Multiple Block for the normal treemen and Catch for two of the Halflings. We won’t get any experience during the cup, but before the playoffs we get to draft two more skills.



I’m actually really looking forward to this cup as I haven’t played Blood Bowl in ages so it’s going to be a lot of fun and I’ve started reading up on generic Blood Bowl strategy. I tried to find some for Halflings but they (more or less) just tells you not to play them^^. We’re tying to organize some practice games during the coming weekend as people are off work due to Easter.

This coming monday we, the club, has been invited to a local LAN event to demo some games there which should be fun as well. It’s also time for one of Sweden’s biggest gaming conventions this weekend so we might head down there over a day to check it out and get some loot.