Dragons and Demons

There is some good news in the world of Swedish RPGs. Our oldest and biggest game is called (translated to) Dragons and Demons and the company that owns the IP for it decided to give out all the old material for free online. The first edition was released in -82 and free material stretches up to -94 so we have 12 years of Sweden’s most important RPG history available for free. As I started my gaming history playing that game I’m really, Really happy that they decided to do this. It’s a great service for everyone involved in the hobby here in Sweden, both as historical reference and for everyone that didn’t get to experience them when they first got released.
The material can be found HERE


This last Sunday I played a game of 40k trying out the new Daemon Codex. I decided to go with a mixed list with units from all the Chaos Gods. My friend that I played against brought his mono Nurgle Daemon list. The game was fun and it ended with me being wiped of the board on turn 5.
So what do I think about the new Codex? I like most of it. The units seem quite balanced and gives you a lot of choices in all slots. The biggest downside that I noticed when setting up the game was all the tables you have to roll on to determine your Chaos Gifts etc. I do think that the problem will get smaller the more times you play with them.

With that brutal loss I’m trying to make some lists and limiting myself to two (or three at the most) gods. Next test will most likely be Tzeentch and Nurgle (not very fluffy but I think it could work well). I also came to the conclusion that I needed to add some more units to the collection so I have 6 FW Plague Toads (stand ins for Beasts of Nurgle) and two Decimators on their way here and next purchase will be two or three Plague Hulks to bring some fire power, I haven’t decided if I’ll run them as Plague Hulks or Soul Grinders yet.