Goodbye Stunties, Hello Woodies!

Today I played a practice game of Blood Bowl with my Halflings… I don’t think I had fully understood exactly how bad of a team they are. I played against another (very) bad team, Ogres and it was pathetic. Neither team managed to do much, well besides getting knocked out, and I lost the game. Both me and my opponent quickly decided to loot the Blood Bowl box at the club so we could enter with a different team. Unfortunately it had already gotten looted and I had the choice of Skaven, Undead or Wood Elves. Having played Skaven before when I just started playing miniature games and the Undead team sounding kinda boring I went with the Woodies. So now I have to paint up another team in time for the tournament and decide on a starting lineup. While the Woodies don’t have much strength they do seem to make it up with their high agility and starting skills and I think they benefit a lot from it being a resurrection tournament.

I have a draft of my starting team and hopefully I’ll have the chance of trying it out on Sunday.