More Blood Bowl

Another day and another practice game of Blood Bowl down at the club, this time with the Woodies. I wasn’t exactly sure on what to bring but I decided to try the list I made yesterday with a Treeman as backup. My opponent today played High Elves and for a game with two elf teams, it was a brawl more then a ball game. Neither of us did very well to be honest and I ended up loosing the game. It was fun though to try an Elf team and they will take some time to get used to and to actually remember to use their skills instead of trying to beat them up. I’m still not sold on the team I made, it felt like there was something missing but I’m not sure what and I’m not sure including a Treeman is a good idea or not. I might try to change him to a Star Player or just something to bulk up the number of players.

As for the painting scheme of the team I think I’ll go with blue and red. I found some photos over at using those colors and they look great.