I’ve had my eyes on this since the news about the assault on Kev Adams went viral and I will without a doubt buy some of the sculpts from this collaboration.


Taken from FB:

“On Wednesday, 20th March Kev ‘the Goblinmaster’ Adams was brutally assaulted during a burglary at his home in Nottingham. So many people have offered help and support that we set up this page has been set up to coordinate efforts and information.

Donations can be made directly to goblinaidATfenrisgamesDOTcom. For the time being, please note that we can only accept donations and not payments made on deposit against the charity mini set – it’s just too much admin for us at this stage.

Who are ‘we’?

Ian ‘Geronimo’ Brumby of Fenris Games and Jon ‘Dags’ Atter cat-herder for the Frothers Charity projects”

 Facebook link:


I can’t find the updated list of sculptors that are contributing but these are listed in the dedicated thread over at DakkaDakka:

 Tre Manor (RedBox Games)
Jason Wiebe (Reaper, etc)
Chaz Elliot (WotC, Citadel, etc)
Des Hanley (Otherworld)
Alex Bates (Forge of Ice)
Steven Marchant (Inso)
Stuart Powley (SLAP minis)
Mark Evans (Crooked Dice, Fenris, etc)
Warren Beattie (Hasslefree, etc)
David Drage (Iron Mammoth, Scheltrum, etc)
Matt Gubser (Dark Age, Rusted heroes, etc)
Sylvain (Golgo Island)
Kev White (Hasslefree)
Davide Tedeschi (Shieldwolf)
George Fairlamb (Black Cat bases, Fenris etc)
Bill Thornhill (Musketeer)
Gary Morley (GW, etc)
Mark Craggs (World of Twilight)
Phil Hynes (Monstertown USA)
Tim Prow (Wizkids, Heartbreaker, etc)
Paul Gargon (Mad Clown)
Andy Foster (Heresy)
Alex Hunter (Warploque)
Werner Klocke (Freebooters’ Fate)
Bob Olley (Olley’s Armies and many others)

DakkaDakka link:


There’s also a paypal adres if you want to make a donation plus a bunch of auctions etc to raise money to help out with medical bills and replace the stolen property.

They have shown a bunch of photos of the different projects and this far this is my favourite: